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Stay Invested – Responsive – Resilient - Tax-Efficient

The Multi-Strategy series is built using a combination of all three of Cabana’s core investment strategies: the Target Drawdown strategy, Target Leading Sector strategy and our newest strategy, Target Beta. This combination provides exposure to both active management and traditional allocation models. The Multi-Strategy Portfolios aggregate actively-managed Cabana ETFs with differing weightings to provide solutions across the suitability spectrum ranging, from conservative to aggressive.

Risk Management First

The Target Drawdown Series numerically quantifies acceptable levels of risk by identifying a “target drawdown” percentage at the onset of the investment process. The portfolios are constructed with the primary goal of minimizing losses where possible, and especially losses that exceed the applicable target drawdown parameter of each portfolio. This investment philosophy allows clients to remain fully invested at all times, set expectations for loss and actively participate in favorable market conditions.

Target Beta Fact Sheets

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Target Beta 35 View Fact Sheet
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Target Income Fact Sheet

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Target Income Portfolio View Fact Sheet