Risk Management First

The Target Drawdown Professional Series numerically quantifies acceptable levels of risk by identifying a “target drawdown” percentage at the onset of the investment process. The portfolios are constructed with the primary goal of minimizing losses where possible, and especially losses that exceed the applicable target drawdown parameter of each portfolio. This investment philosophy allows clients to remain fully invested at all times, set expectations for loss and actively participate in favorable market conditions.

Tailored to the Investor

We offer multiple drawdown variations to meet the needs of investors across risk profiles. Target drawdown percentages range from 5-16%.

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For more information about our investment approach, fact sheets, and portfolio performance, see below.

Target Drawdown Professional 5 View Fact Sheet
Target Drawdown Professional 7 View Fact Sheet
Target Drawdown Professional 10 View Fact Sheet
Target Drawdown Professional 13 View Fact Sheet
Target Drawdown Professional 16 View Fact Sheet
Target Income Portfolio View Fact Sheet

August 31, 2020 was the final factsheet update for the Target Drawdown Efficient 10. On or around October 16, 2020, the Target Drawdown Efficient 10 was formally retired and formally transitioned to the Target Drawdown Professional 10. NOTE: These two portfolios have been identically allocated since March 20, 2020.

Retired factsheets for any of Cabana’s current or former portfolios are available upon request. Please contact info@thecabanagroup.com.